Snow Angels

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret… we’ve been a bit obsessed with snow angels this winter. After last winter’s lack of snow… there has definitely been more than enough snow to make snow angels with this winter.



At Heaven and Earth, our obsession began when Maura emailed us all before the first big storm to go out and make snow angels. Maybe she wanted to see how many of us would jump in a pile of snow because she said so… or maybe it was to embrace some childhood joy in a snowstorm. Whatever her reason was… it certainly worked. After shoveling the driveway, I flopped down in the snow and made an angel. It was equal parts fun and chilly. And it definitely reminded me of my childhood. I would always be outside in a snowstorm, trying to help shovel, having snow ball fights with my sister, and making snow angels.

During every storm since the first one in December, we’ve been reminded to go out and make snow angels. To go out and enjoy the beauty of the fresh snow is a wonderful thing.

With all this snow we are getting today, go out and enjoy the snow. Well, maybe once the blizzard warnings have passed.


Until next time … in love and light … and snow,




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