Five Things: Crystal Healing

Welcome to our Five Things series. This series will focus on our services, therapists, products, and other great things that we think you’d love to learn more about. We are starting this series off with five things about one of our newest services, Crystal Healing. 

Crystal Healing with Janet is one of our unique services that we offer. It’s offered as a stand-alone session, or a combination session with one of her massages. I talked with her about crystal healing and why you should give it a try!

Michelle: What sparked your interest in crystals?

Janet: It all started with my reiki course. I was taking reiki 2 and my instructor told me that crystals could be used in reiki. And when I left she gave me a couple of crystals to play with. It spiraled from there really quick.

I was in love with rocks since I was a kid; we used to go to rock shops in Colorado Springs where my aunt and uncle lived. I’d pick out the tigers eye, amethyst, turquoise.

M: What is crystal healing?

J: Crystal healing is a form of energy work. You place crystals on the body and they help to balance your energy. Crystals are, in their microscopic form, basically perfect. They have the same exact form repeated over and over again.  Because they are perfect, their vibrational levels are strong.

All our organs and body systems all vibrate at different speeds – so when you put the perfect crystals into our vibrational field – our body will tune into their vibration. It’s the same idea as a tuning fork. If you have two tuning forks, and you hit one and then the other, one will tune into the others sound.

During a crystal healing session – you are clothed, laying down on a massage table, and I lay crystals out on your body. I help the energy of the crystals tune your body into the vibrations of the crystals, which helps balance and clear your chakras. The crystals are doing the work to help clear and balance your vibrational energy. In a crystal healing session, I use certain crystals that are aligned with certain chakras and body systems. And that can help improve the clearing and balancing.

M: What makes it different from polarity or reiki?

J: Reiki and Polarity are other forms of energy work. Polarity uses crystals and is done with the meridians. It can be seen as similar to crystal healing, but can provide a different type of energy clearing.

Reiki is energy work as well. The reiki energy is moved through the therapist who is giving the reiki – through the crown chakra and out their hands. Reiki energy is energy from the universe that uses the therapist as a conduit to bring the reiki energy to the person receiving reiki.

M: What is your favorite crystal?

J: I have a lot. I think dragonstone and garnet are my two absolute favorites. But there are a lot of really close seconds. I love the energy of garnet. It’s a root chakra stone and it’s really grounding. Dragonstone is a heart chakra stone. It can be more powerful than a rose quartz, but it still has that loving energy.

M: Who can benefit from crystal healing?

J: Anyone can. No one is perfect. And everyone has different issues going on – emotional, physical, mental – and they can all benefit from a crystal healing session. A clearing and balancing of your chakras and your energy can go a long way in improving emotional, physical, and mental issues. 


*Nothing said or done during Energy Work Sessions is intended to serve as professional counseling or medical advice. All medical decisions should be made only with the guidance of your own professional or medical authority.

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