Five Things: Shellac Manicure

I love CND Shellac! I am even a certified Master Painter and Shellac Pro with the brand. I use it on myself every 10 – 14 days… depending on when I want to change my polish. This month, one of our specials is Classic Shellac Manicure. It provides 14 days of high-shine wear with zero nail damage. Really! 

Here are my five things to getting your best Shellac manicure service.

  1. Nails should never be soaked in water before a Shellac service – for every minute your nails soak, it takes an hour for them to dehydrate. Shellac works best on dry nails.
  2. Surface of the nail should never be buffed or filed to “rough up” the surface to have the polish stick better. We dehydrate your nail plate with alcohol to remove any excess oils and water that could prevent the shellac from adhering to your nail.
  3. The CND Shellac UV lamp has timers for the lights for each step. Base coat is cured for 10 seconds. The color coat and top coat cure for 2 minutes. Curing for longer than the recommended time can make the Shellac harder to come off, and could cause damage to your nail.
  4. The UV rays in the lamp shouldn’t cause any damage to your skin. But, if you are worried about UV exposure, you can apply sunscreen to your hands before the service.
  5. Shellac removal – Don’t peel, pick or pry off your shellac. That can cause damage and peeling on your nail plate. If you can come in for a removal, that is always the best option! But, if you can’t come in for a in-salon removal, here are some quick tips on how to remove Shellac at home.
  • Cut 10 squares of tin foil, large enough to wrap around your finger tips
  • Cut 10 pieces of cotton rounds/balls, just large enough to place on top of your nail
  • Soak the cotton in 100% acetone, place on your finger, and wrap in tin foil
  • Repeat on all the fingers on one hand.
  • Wait 10-15 minutes
  • Pull off the foil-wrapped cotton off your finger. Most of the product should come off in the wrap.
  • If any product remains, gently use your own fingernail to push the product off. If it sticks, put the wrap back on for another 5 minutes, and try again.
  • Repeat on your other hand!

We hope to see you in here for your Shellac Manicure!


Until next time, in love and light,



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