It’s Spring. Time to Refresh.

Spring is the season for cleaning up. We spring clean our homes, cars, gardens… so why not spring clean yourself? The change of seasons is the perfect time to get back into Heaven and Earth for some self care.

First off – it’s sandal weather. Which means… if you are like me… your pedicure from last fall is grown out and your toes need some love. Our nail techs can trim, smooth, and polish your feet so they don’t look like they have been stuck in boots for four or five months.

If you’ve been doing yard and household clean ups, we’d recommend a massage¬†followed by our infrared sauna. It’s a double dose of relaxation and relief. Our favorite combination is our 75 minute massage with the pain relief sauna afterward. That definitely eases any muscle or joint aches that have developed from raking and lifting.

And if you are hoping to get your skin summer ready – we have facials and body treatments to get you there. Our Heaven’s Facial or our IonActive Treatment are a great way to jump-start your skin for springtime. And our Sea Salt Glow body scrub will slough off all the dead, winter skin to get you glowing for tank tops and shorts!

We have something for everyone. So, come on in and put some spring in your step!


Until next time, in love and light,



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