Let’s Become Sun Care Savvy

While it’s been wonderful to feel the warm springtime sun on our skin… we can’t forget to protect ourselves from the UVA and UVB rays that can damage our skin, cause premature aging, and in the worst case – skin cancer.

We found some great tips from the Skin Cancer Foundation and Dermalogica on how to become sun care savvy and protect your skin while still enjoying the warmth of the sunshine.

The Skin Cancer Foundation has a great list of tips to keep yourself safe in the sun. Their top tips include – cover up, wear a broad spectrum sun screen with an SPF of 15 or higher, and seek the shade during peak sunshine hours of 10am-4pm. For their complete list click here. Their website also has some great tips on early detection on skin cancer and how to examine your own skin. As with everything, early detection is important.

Dermalogica has a lot of products with SPF – eye creams, moisturizers, tinted moisturizers, boosters, and more. They want to educate us on the proper use of SPF products and debunk some of the common sun care myths that are out there. It’s important to wear sunscreen all year round, reapply often, and this is the only skin you’ve got. So, no more excuses… put on your sunscreen! And check the expiration dates on our SPF products because expired sunscreen can do more harm than good.


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It’s time to stock up on our Dermalogica SPF products, big floppy sun hats, and beach umbrellas and enjoy the sun safely!

Until next time, in love and light,




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