Thanks Mom

Dear Mom,

We want to say thank you. To our biological mother, our best friend’s mom, work mom, dad’s who fill in as mom sometimes, and aunts, cousins, sisters, and friends who fill the role of Mom.

Thank you for keeping us safe. For protecting us from harm when we were small. And providing us with a safe place to turn to when we’ve made a mistake.

Thank you for allowing us to grow. For encouraging us to try new things – whether we succeeded or failed – you were our cheerleader. We learned from our successes and failures, with you by our side.

Thank you for the funny moments – where we laughed until our sides hurt.

And thank you for being there for the sad moments.

Thank you for always loving us, unconditionally. Even when we said we hated you. Or didn’t want to listen to your advice… even though we really needed to hear it. For when we were stubborn, brats, and being a pain in the butt.
Thank you mom for everything, we love you!


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